Join me on "My Daily Walk"

I am far from perfect!! The love of God, my family, and my friends' make this crazy thing called life worth living.


Daily things that make me count my many blessings


1. Sunday School class fellowship
2. Quiet time at home
3. Getting my to do list done
4. A good book and time to read
5. Gorgeous day outside


1. DH back being o.k. so he could go back to work today
2. Warm coffee
3. Beautiful birds outside my window
4. Flowers in bloom
5. My Busy Body's smile


1. Old friends
2. Mothers' who look out for my kids' too
3. DH being the Dad that he is!
4. A wonderful Mother In Love
5. Safety in my home....praying for those in Joplin, MO. who have lost loved ones and their homes


1. Getting to watch God's creation through the red robin (always makes me wanna say YUM) that has become our friend at our bird feeder.
2. Friends who check up on me and my kids'
3. Warm yummy Miso soup for lunch even better my sweety made it and brought it to me :)
4. Weddings and sharing with friends in their special day.
5. Snuggling with my Busy Body this morning and getting to go back to bed for an hour or so, AWESOME!!


1. Good friends who love me even in my (more) crazy times
2. Learning to wait on God
3. Running into friends of my teen....seeing that they made good choices there
4. Last day of's official it's summer time
5. Knowing :)


1. Knowing what truth is and how having it and applying it makes my life be at peace.
2. Ice cold summer drinks....just had a smoothie
3. Making great the point that when one moves away it makes me sad :(
4. Knowing people who love like I do
5. Not feeling pressured to be "keeping up" anymore


1. Amazement at what growing up (even just some) can really do for you :)
2. Not always sweating the small stuff anymore.
3. Joy in having DH to share things with, sound things off of, and to make me laugh
4. More relaxed summer schedule
5. Grilling....look forward to it cause there is something so yummy about grilled food!!

1. A/C in all this heat
2. VBS
3. Fresh cool salads for lunch
4. My new family pillow
5. A blessed cat nap while the girls watched a movie and played with their Dora castle

1. Diva getting such an awesome opportunity to go to LLYC
2. Only needing a handful of supplies for both girls' to start school
3. DS is making my absolute favorite meal!!!
4. Getting my WW self weekly study done, getting lost in the word, and having four devotionals to use :)
5. The Lord knowing what is truly best for us even when I think I do (and I don't :)

1. Back to school time: new school supplies and new adventures
2. Diva trying new things this year.
3. Pre-school time with Busy Body
4. Bible study time with my DH
5. Having my friends' wedding done and on to their next sure was fun!!!!

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I am SAHM who home schooled her eldest child due to bully issues. We home schooled for four years and it worked out so well. I love to bake and try out new dishes. I love various types of music but, mostly listen to country and praise music. We have family movie and game nights so we love board games and movies. We have a hand full of shows we really enjoy on t.v. as well.