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I am far from perfect!! The love of God, my family, and my friends' make this crazy thing called life worth living.

Prayer Requests...

What is on my heart?  If you need prayer I can put it on here openly or names can be left out :)

For myself:
Ease/healing of my sore back 5/15/11 (This went on off and on for a few days then left just as quickly as it came)
Ability to be the kind of mother I never had for my girls' 6/8/11
Discernment in dealing with new arising extended family issues 6/11/11
Ability to stay on track with studying, devo's, and being in the Word 7/27/11
Starting back up my exercise plan as school starts, keeping up with it again for the school year, and loose at least 10 more pounds. 7/27/11
DH help in workplace and answer to unspoken requests 8/25/11

For my family:
Continue to grow together as a closer knit unit in the face of struggles/trials
That "it" will get taken care of (unspoken) [progress has been made here with some back slides as of 8/25/11]

For Diva:
Good choices in friendships (that her friends' care as much about her as she does about them)
That she be a good influence and they not be a bad one!!!!
Last three days of school go out fun for her with all materials turned back in (5/22/11) (all good as of 5/25/11)
That God helps us find a way to get her back and forth to camp (6/8/11) (God provided and answer through a elementary school friend and mom who is a MOPS mom/scrap book friend of mine :)
That she see what we have been trying to get across to her and embrace the wisdom of it. (unspoken) 7/27/11

For Love Bug:
Focus in class for the last nine days 5/15/11
Good results on Taks test 5/15/11 (She made commended performance and did a great job overall on TAKS)  She is on to the fourth grade YAY!!! 6/8/11
Last few days of school are fun with no pressure (5/22/11)
Less prone to frustration on days we aren't medicating for her ADD 7/27/11

For Busy Body:
Less easily frustrated
Making it through the night more often dry 5/15/11
Do well at VBS this year since this is her first summer not in the nursery 6/1/11 (She did great and had fun)

For MI<3:
Pain levels be low
Great week with opportunities to encourage her nurses' who have a tough job 5/15/11
One new wound and one old wound to heal all the way (5/22/11)

Some possible ongoing requests:

My BFF "M": healing for her Grandma (stroke and cancer) [She passed away this past week] Comfort and peace for her family is now what I am praying for. (5/22/11) The Lord giving her the ability to see more regularly the blessings God is placing in her path even in the face of life's struggles.
Lady "R": peace of spirit to have a knowing that she is doing all she can...healing for "L" 7/27/11
Miss "L": who lost her Momma this morning (5/22/11) will be rallied around and known she is much loved, help in whatever ways are needed. Her Memorial will be a
blessing to Miss "L" and her whole family!!
Miss "P.A."....recently diagnosed with cancer, please heal her Lord, my heart aches just typing this.  Her and her family have brought so much to our family with their love and concern.  I can't imagine her not being here!!! (6/28/11)
Miss "M"...also recently diagnosed with cancer, let the healing touch of your church Lord touch her...give her hope, encouragement, and peace!
RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN.....please Lord let it pour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/27/11

Beautiful summer weather and birds singing and butterflies pretty to hear and see -6/8/11
Love of a wonderful family
Building of strong bonds with friends who really support me
Summer and downtime coming on
MOPS year under the belt and all went great....(somewhere between 48-60 mom's there at each meeting :)
God leading me to see things more clearly headed down the teen road again and where we can take different turns.
Sunday school family that blesses us with their hearts, prayers, hugs, and laughter.
Provision to get Diva to and from camp, ability for her to be able to go, and help with planning for later (unspoken) 7/27/11

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