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I am far from perfect!! The love of God, my family, and my friends' make this crazy thing called life worth living.

My favorite things...

Color: Purple
Song: Everlasting (from the inside out) 5/15/11
Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11
Day of the week: Sunday followed by Wednesday
Perfume: Anais Anais
Shampoo: Aussie
Lotion: Cucumber Melon 5/15/11
Cuisine: Chinese followed by Italian
Actual meal: Moo Shoo and Philadelphia Rolls (love sushi) or my Manicotti
Article of clothing: Pajamas
Winter must have: spa socks and slippers
Summer: Cool to make smoothies and hit Sonic happy hour
Sonic drink: Fanta orange and vanilla, tastes like a Creamsicle 5/15/11
Spring: pretty toe nail polish colors
Fall: (my favorite season) love to bake, make soups, and sip warm tea or cocoa
Holiday: Christmas followed VERY closely by St. Patty's Day (LOVE all things Irish because I am Irish)
Flower: Agapanthus and Gerber daisies (also love calla's, roses, and stargazer's)
Snack: Honey crisp apples with almond butter (newest not so good for me one is the fudge covered oreos)
Dessert: Tiramisu
Hobbies: Scrap booking, reading, surfing the net, studying, board games, and movies/some t.v. shows
Music: Contemporary Christian, 80's, 90's, and Country
Places I have traveled: Washington D.C., Atlanta, Dallas/Arlington, Florida, and New Mexico
States I have lived: Florida, Texas, and New Mexico
Something I always wanted to do: Speak a foreign language fluently
Cat person or Dog person?: Both
Kids: 4- all girls' ages 18, 13, 9, and 4
Places I want to travel: Ireland, Italy, many more places I want to travel A LOT!!
Favorite sound: Baby's laughter
Favorite word: Joy
 T.V. Show: Bones
My new marriage/family pillow :)
Candy: Currently Starburst jelly beans
Healthy Dessert Option: Jello Mousse cups they are AWESOME!!!

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I am SAHM who home schooled her eldest child due to bully issues. We home schooled for four years and it worked out so well. I love to bake and try out new dishes. I love various types of music but, mostly listen to country and praise music. We have family movie and game nights so we love board games and movies. We have a hand full of shows we really enjoy on t.v. as well.