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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Had to make a move.....

Seems where my blog was over on Bravenet is having some serious technical difficulties so I am gonna go back to Blogger. I had a few troubles with this site before so we will see how things work out this time around. I haven't blogged since Friday cause I have been doing a lot of running around. Saturday the kids' and I were busy with various projects. Sunday was church, cleaning, getting KK's school work together, and a Pampered Chef party with a friend. I had a MOPS team/DGL meeting on Monday, then hit the library, and Hastings so I was gone for a good portion of the day. Today was getting caught up on the house cleaning as well as organizing my kitchen cabinets. Then since our weather has changed yet again....(you know what they say about Texas weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change) I called the school for the girls' to ride the bus home instead of going to their after school program. Well I was just a tad miffed when Love Bug didn't come home with Diva. Then I had to bundle up in my eskimo clothes and run out to pick her up. We are waiting on dinner which is in the oven. We are gonna watch some America's Funniest Home Videos...we love that show. Then it will be time for baths, reading to the girls', and hopefully a better night's sleep cause last night one side of my head kept stuffing up.

Counting my blessings today:
Healthy kiddos
Warm socks
The sounds of my girls' laughter
Organized Kitchen Cabinets
Helping Love Bug with her spelling test list (she got them all right and the test isn't till Friday)

Mood: Bored
Music: None right now
Weather: COLD (31 degrees and sleet predicted for tonight)
Dinner: Steak Fingers, Shells ~N~ Cheese, and Green Beans
Book I am currently reading with the girls': Farmer Boy By: Laura Ingalls Wilder
Book I am reading myself: Home to Holly Springs By: Jan Karon


  1. Like the look of your new, sparkly blog. Hope to see you at the crop! :)

  2. I like the look. Brrr. It IS cold, girl.

  3. Cute blog!!

    I'll bookmark it.

    mucho love,

  4. Welcome back to 'ol blogger. :0)

    Nice background. Somebody having a berfday soon??

  5. Yay here I am to read up and comment on it all :D

    I hope I am just as inspirational mommy as you are! BIG HUGS!


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