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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday.....

I am thinking about something that really "gets my goat" as my grandmother used to say. I wonder what makes some people in this world think it is o.k. to say things in front of a child that should not be talked about with anyone (let alone thought of in the first place) much less uttered in front of a child. To be in polite society (or what should be polite society should I say) and say things like "I don't know why their parents did not just teach them to marry someone who is white is beyond me." I am blown away by this!!!! First of all....many of the people I love most are of different races!!! Foremost my sweet Love Bug is half Latina so this makes me really upset. My very best friend is native american/hawaiian......she is like family so again this grates my nerves. I am learning through my Esther study that meanness comes from a perceived threat. Why are you threatened by someone you haven't even bothered to get to know? What is scary about the color of their skin or their ethnic background? I guess I will never understand how people can hold something against another person like the color of the skin! Sometimes the things others do makes me really sad!!!!

Counting my blessings:
That I know and love many people who are nothing like me
Those people have enriched and brightened my life
The beautiful weather the good Lord is providing
Lisa's Mock Tortellini and Squash Soup for lunch YUM!
Fresh clean laundry drying on the line

Mood: sad
Music: none haven't even turned the t.v. on for background noise, birds outside
Weather: Bright beautiful sunshine and a steady breeze
Dinner: Beef Tips in brown gravy, over rice, carrots, and garlic toast


  1. I work at a hotel. I hear ALL kinds of stuff. It doesn't make it ok. I wish I could smack people. I guess Jesus doesn't do that, does He?

  2. No but, I can understand the inclination some days :)


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