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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Things that have touched me lately:

1. A compliment from a good friend on how sweet my Love Bug is.

2. A friend letting me know that when they don't hear from me for a bit they really miss me.

3. The things I learned from my nine week study on Esther.

4. What I am learning by doing the Love Dare Journal with my husband.

5. His suggestion that each morning we read a chapter from Proverbs

6. My Busy Body telling me this morning Wow, Mommy you have pretty toes."

7. Being stopped by strangers going into the store to be told how lovely my girls' are.

8. Yesterday Love Bug was playing in her room and I heard her making up a song about how awesome I am.

9. I cut my finger on a soda can after taking the trash to the curb...when I came in Busy Body said, "Ouch Momma come let me kiss it better."

10. Plus I don't like the site of my own blood so DH without saying anything guided me to a chair, got me a band aid, and a glass of water. I sure am sweet on him!!!

Mood: Headache...seeing the blood
Weather: Overcast and cool
Music: None
Dinner: Hot Dogs, Fries, and Brownies for Love Bug's birthday dinner.


  1. What a precious picture! She's adorable. BTW, I miss you and you are awesome! Lisa~

  2. Same to you my friend!!!! :)

  3. with my girls' isn't always smooth sailing but it is always grand!!!


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