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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top Ten Tuesdays......

Top Ten things I love about being a Mom:

1. Hearing the unbridled laugh of one of my girls'.

2. A genuinely candid photo....those twinkly smiling moments.

3. Catching them being extra GOOD.

4. Watching their unique personalities come out.

5. Seeing my good qualities come out in them.

6. Cuddling with them watching cartoons or a movie.

7. Seeing them dressed up.

8. Finally having the REAL family I always dreamed of.

9. Passing on some of my families really fun traditions to them.

10. My favorite one of all: Seeing their love of Christ and seeing him work in their lives daily. It simply makes my heart soar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Counting my blessings:
Mom's meeting tonight
Taco Casa sweet tea.....I LOVE this stuff!!!!
My friend had her 4th baby, both are doing great! (he was a whopper too)
Feeling the Lord working to make DH and I even better than we already are through the Love Dare!
A blessed Easter

Mood: Right now I am hating my aggravated sinuses
Music: None
Weather: Bright.....affecting the sinus headache I have
Dinner: Potluck @ Mom's meeting


  1. You are one of my FAVORITE people on EARTH! :)

  2. I feel just the same way about you!!!!


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