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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 days till summer vacation starts......

Anyone have big plans this summer? We usually don't, so this year will be no different in that way but, what will we be doing to stay entertained (and with four at home on the cheap too)? Well we always sign up for the summer reading program at the local library. We go swimming a lot, mostly just to cool off in this ornery Texas heat. We love the park and picnics too. For the last couple of summers both KK and Diva have went away for a week to camp with our church. They will both be going again this year as well. There is always Vacation Bible School which our church does really well. The girls' go play with friends, have sleep overs, play in the little pool with Busy Body, and lots of fun in the yard.....time to break in a new slip n slide I think. KK is debating with all she has going on and working for our churches nursery as an employee now if she will sign up to work at Camp Eagle again this year. It was such a great experience for her last year so we shall see what comes of that. There is a Christian day camp being put on by one of our local churches that both Diva and Love Bug are signed up for already to secure their spots. The after school program they are both in has decided to have a half day summer program this year. They will go from 1pm-5pm and on Fridays they will get to go swimming at the pool. Last year our city hosted a summer movie in the park, we had a blast! This year they are upping it to three over the summer. We will be going to Six Flags to celebrate Diva's 11th birthday in July as well as a picnic on the 4th to watch our city's fireworks display. My summer goal is to get healthier....not trying to loose weight so much as just rest better, sleep better, and generally feel good. As well as i am really going to try to get KK's whole year's worth of assignments worked my fingers crossed and prayers sent up on this one.

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  1. Sounds like a busy summer! I hope you have a blast!


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