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Saturday, June 13, 2009

O.k. so a report was requested...HA HA HA

KFC's grilled chicken is on sale here in town for $9.99 a bucket. Last night my MIL treated us to a bucket for dinner and a bucket for lunch today....which I made chicken salad out of. I love this grilled chicken....I am not normally a fried chicken fan so this is such a wonderful and more healthy choice as well. We had it with some cold potato salad and cole slaw. It was the perfect summer time dinner.....mostly because I didn't have to cook anything and then what made it even better was there was NO clean up. O.k. so now that I have given my opinion on that, time for a regular post of things going on. The last few mornings before DH has had to head off for work we have taken something pesky and turned it into decorations for VBS. When we moved into this house our back yard as well as the neighbors (known as Mr. and Mrs. N-they are very sweet and we so enjoy sitting with them outside and letting our younger kids' play together)had lots of bamboo growing in our back yards. We figured out through much trial and error how to kill it. The N's have theirs under control as well now. Before they figured out how to keep it down Mr. N built a rack to slide the really big and long pieces into on the back of his garage. So when KK and I were trying to decide how to decorate for our Roman family spots, I thought that maybe DH could ask Mr. N if we could have some of the stored bamboo. He said to take as much as we liked. DH put on his thinking camp and came up with a design for a bamboo box with some rods of bamboo inside to hold up some long poles of bamboo. Then he cut down some of the 14ft. or longer poles for us to bundle together to give to the church to use for decorations. The bamboo annoyed us when we moved in but now we used something that was so pesky and turned it into something good. Today we were up bright and early to a good breakfast....cantaloupe, buttermilk waffles, and bacon. Then we took the sections of bamboo boxes and assembled one to look the way we wanted....hoping to make several more tomorrow. Got the laundry started, the beds made, and the stove super scrubbed. Got the house vacuumed, the floors swept, and then the girls' built a blanket fort on the bottom bunk (Love Bug's bed) in their room. It has been a really productive day....just have to fold some laundry and wash a load or two more.
Love Bug is watching a movie, Busy Body is napping, Diva is watching a show in here while I type, and KK is gone to Austin to have a girls' weekend with her Aunt's and her favorite cousin. Tonight after baths we are gonna finish the movie we watched half of last night before we all fell asleep.

Mood: Relaxed
Weather: 90 degrees and climbing, HUMID
Music: None
Dinner: Spaghetti, Salad, and Garlic Bread


  1. Thanks for the report! I am gonna go get some for the family. And the bamboo project is such a cool story. First 'cuz you used something pesky and second 'cuz it's just another story about how creative your sweet husband is. You both are such neat people and I am so glad to have you in my life! Lisa~

  2. Love me some chicken salad!
    Love me some VBS next week!

    Love me some time soon with my dear sweet friend for some dear sweet card making..let's plan after this next whirlweek of VBS is over!

  3. Awwww you are so sweet that you are in my life too!!!!

    Ohhhh card making sounds GREAT, awesome seeing you my friend and those super cute kiddos of yours today!!!!


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