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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Resting....not buying into the Super Woman complex

Today I read my devotional and realized that even though I am not alone in this I too tend to do it too much.  Not slowing down or finding real rest that is.  I always have something going...lots of irons in the fire.  My Sweety asks the same question of me quite often, "Don't you wanna rest?"  I have noticed of late that the times when my mind is still by no doing of my own is when my prayers are deepest.  Lately that has been while I am folding laundry...the repetition of folding seems to clear my head of distractions.  I make a point of sitting down with my devotional or a bible study each day.  Yet I feeling there is more going on in our relationship when I fold seems strange to me and made me wonder.  Does this kind of thing happen to other women I know?  Maybe while doing the dishes or vacuuming?  Today I came across this and thought I'd share it:

Wedding Feast of the Lamb
by Judie Lawson:

There is a place prepared for me
A table by the crystal sea
Where my Beloved bids me rest
And gently lean upon His breast
He dries my tears, He breaks my chains
He binds my wounds, He heals my pain
He soothes my tired and troubled soul
He fills my cup, it overflows
The finest wine, the choicest bread
By His own nail-scarred hands I am fed
He hides my shame in holy dress
He clothes me with His righteousness
He lifts my veil, He draws me close
Proclaims me His to the heavenly host
While angels sing His reverence
He leads me in a sacred dance
There is a place by the crystal sea
Where my Beloved waits for me.
He bids me come just as I am
To the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Mood: Still...devotional time here I come
Dinner: Whatever I find...don't have to cook it's youth group night YAY :)
Weather: 76 degrees right now....wish it would stay that way, supposed to hit 85 today
Exercise: None today but, so far this week I have walked 6 miles and done 600 standing ab crunches. Woo Hoo!
Music: None
Random thought:Boy o Boy is it windy out right now, trees outside my window are doing some serious swaying!

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