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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday.....

Hello all,
As you can see I have changed my background....since Valentine's was over it was time for a change. Next up I will be decorating in tribute of the Irish blood that runs in these veins. With the weather feeling SO spring like I thought I would pay omage to the early coming of the season. It makes me want to wear pink :)

Last Sunday evening we started the Beth Moore study on Esther at church. I am digging into week two and really enjoying it. This is the first Beth Moore study I have done. She speaks to my southern girls' heart with that drawl of hers LOL. She is funny which also makes it easier for me to learn. It is great to see what a treasure God made us to by his hand to do great things!!!

As for what has kept me busy the last few days....a mild (read as extremely annoying and moderately painful)stomach bug. DH got a milder case as well....I am especially thankful to the good Lord that none of the girls' are suffering from it. Woke up this morning after almost three days of being sick back to almost normal (whatever that is for this crazy lady ;) I got up early and headed to run errands with a friend. Got a bunch of goodies for a big box to send to the troops that our Sunday School class has adopted....I couldn't stop adding things from our master list. Changed my barbed wire wreath out front and added some spring pinwheels to the yard.
We were behind on some of the house work with me laying around being a sickie but we managed to get it back to it's usual state and get all the laundry caught back up. Gonna eat some yummy chinese food, take a nice hot shower, and hunker down in my bed with my Esther book to study.

Counting my blessings:
No more stomach pains
Able to eat a real meal after three days
Getting errands done
Cuddling with my Busy Body on the couch
Something good to watch on t.v. tonight

Mood: Relieved
Music: None
Weather: Sunset and cool
Dinner: Stir Fry, Rice, and Wonton Soup


  1. Love the new look! So sorry you were so sick, no fun I know.

  2. I am sorry you've been feeling bad. Did everyone get it? I wish I'd known. I would have brought some food over. :( I hope I'll see you on Monday! Lisa~

  3. Thanks Charlsie!!

    In Response to Lisa:
    No, just me and an even milder case for DH. That would have been sweet, thanks for the thought it is certainly what counts. Will definitely see you Monday!!!

  4. I hate being sick. I whine alot. I try to be a good sick person, but I am just too active.

  5. Yeah the worst for me is having to stay down and get nothing done!!


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