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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour....gone wrong

O.k. so tonight we participated in Earth Hour as we have done for the last few years. We had turned off all the lights, t.v. and computers right at 8:30pm....we all went into my room to hunker down to a good ole game of Uno by candlelight. The baby had already fallen asleep so Diva, Love Bug and I were playing Uno while DH and KK coached (read backseat drove the card game from the sidelines) the game. Let me add while all of this was going on my sweet gray and white long haired tabby cat was stretched out on my window sill. We were talking and engrossed in the game when KK looked up and said "Wow the cat sure is moving fast, is that smoke?" Then we all noticed a burning hair smell that was overwhelming as the cat streaked by us. We started turning on the light and coaxing our cat to come let us take a look at her. She hadn't done any actual skin damage but she burned all the hair off the edge of her right hing leg and half the hair from her bushy tail. She let us touch the spots missing hair without flinching and after inspection we saw that as scary as we all thought it was thankfully it was only hair. Who knew trying to conserve energy for our planet which is sponsored ironically by the World Wildlife Fund would turn into such an exciting adventure. (Vacation Post on Monday...too tired now cause it will be a really long one)

Counting my blessings:
That my cat didn't do real damage to herself
That my kids' loved the idea of turning off all technology to sit and play Uno
That I got all my vacation photos loaded and edited
That my DH has four days off YAY
That tomorrow I will get to spend a nice day in San Antonio

Mood: Ready for bed
Music: None
Weather: Chilly
Dinner: Smoked Sausage, Potatoes, and Green Beans


  1. so there was a candle on the windowsill? poor puty cat.

    I forgot about that hour..but we did have all the lights off for a movie..wait a min that doesn't count.

  2. She jumped up on the desk I had the candles on in my never occured to me she would stand still there that close to a candle. I think she might be a little ditzy but that just means she fits in around here real well. I am so glad she isn't hurt though.

    I think the ad I read said turn off all lights but I bet they meant as much power as possible.

  3. Oh that is so funny. The irony! LOL! But how great to turn off the electricity and just be together. We might have to do that just 'cuz. I'm anxiously awaiting that vacation post! Lisa~

  4. oh my goodness, I laughed so hard. BRB potty...

  5. After I was sure she was o.k. it was hilarious to us too...I miss her so much!!! We can't have furbabies here :( We had a turtle and he died recently...felt stupid crying over him but, he really did keep me company :)


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