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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sometimes I think I understand something.....

that I am being told. I am reasonably intelligent (or at least I think I am ;), but then when it comes time for action to take place one piece seems missing and I feel like "Wow I really just didn't get it". Has this ever happened to you? It doesn't happen all that often but when it does it really bugs me. Simple misunderstandings really should just be that "simple" but they never are!!!! If you know me IRL and this has ever happened between us please give me a shout, because I would hate to think I offended someone over something that should be nothing. Right now I am dealing with this with my very best could be in this instance she is just too overwhelmed to explain what is going on but, it would be nice just to get all the cards laid out on the table!!!!

As for my day:
Well I awoke and got the middle girls' off to the bus stop....went back to bed for an hour or so which was so nice. I got to wake up to the quiet and just lay and stare at the ceiling....when that happens I clear my mind and pray. Then we got up and had Eggo Swirlz and yogurt for breakfast. We got dressed, picked up the house, did two loads of laundry, and had a friend drop by for a visit. We had a yummy soup and baked potato lunch. KK just left to grab her sisters and head off with our friends to youth group. I am cashing in my belated birthday gift from my MIL tonight....Mamacita's for dinner YUMMY. Plans for tonight are relaxing, no kitchen to clean YES, and some self study in my Esther book.

Counting my blessings:
A yummy dinner from my favorite restuarant
A great breezy, in this warm weather
Watching Busy Body use her imagination when she thinks no one is watching
Getting my Love Dare book in the mail
A night of no big plans but to study a great book

Mood: Relaxed (also confused by above mentioned friend)
Music: None
Weather: Another beautiful day...where was Winter I don't think we had one
Dinner: Mamacita's YUMMMMMM


  1. Oh dear! Conflicts with friends can be so difficult. I hope this works out. Maybe she's going through her own problems and not able to see what you did clearly. I have been there; I will pray. Lisa~

  2. BIG HUGS! Everyday, Dear, brings something new for us to show Him in some way. I am SO proud of you!

  3. Awwww....all your comments have been like little gifts!!!! Thanks ever so much for each one!! Love ya girls :)


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