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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top Ten Tuesdays......

Top Ten: Things that I always keep in my pantry/fridge.....

1. Kraft Asian Roasted Sesame Dressing

2. Dried Cranberries (love them in salads)

3. A wide variety of flavored tea bags

4. Hot Chocolate Mix

5. Salad Fixins

6. Juice (love lots of kinds but right now LOVE Pomegranate Juice)

7. Ranch

8. Pickles (the kids' eat them like crazy for sure)

9. Teryaki Sauce

10. Applesauce (usually flavored)

Counting my blessings:
Seeing such sweetness amongst my girls'
Having wonderful friends
Seeing the loving unselfishness in my oldest daughter who is becoming a woman
A clean house
The 50/50 dance of parenting that my DH and do in times of sickness/illness

Mood: Chilly (the temperature has probably dropped 20 degrees in just the last hour)
Music: None
Weather: Dusk/Chilly
Dinner: Beefy Mac and Salad


  1. I love reading what you keep in your pantry. It's so interesting. The only things you keep in your pantry that are the same items I keep are Ranch dressing and flavored teas (I keep herbal teas, I assume that's what you mean, but maybe not). Fun! Lisa~

  2. Very interesting list!

    I need to keep dried cranberries. Good idea.

    Was nice seeing you Sunday!

  3. My fridge staples are ketchup, mustard, ranch dressing, butter, eggs, milk, cheeses, carrots, ummmm can't think what else. :) I keep my tea in the freezer. I always have ice cream now. YUM!

  4. Tea in the freezer...that's a new one for me. Why? Does it stay more fresh that way??


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