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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a KK turned 16 today

I woke this morning remembering the day she was born. I remember waking up that morning after sleeping horribly. I was at that stage where baby was pushing on my lungs making it hard to breath, sleep, and relax. I spent the morning resting and cleaning house. At about 2pm I started having contractions....I said nothing cause they weren't steady or super strong. KK's father was at work and shortly after they began my parents settled in for an afternoon nap. By the time Wes got off work and hit the door from work at 5:30pm I had been timing the pains with a list. They were almost five minutes apart. I told him as he went down the hall to drop his stuff from work that we should probably head for the hospital....super calmly which I think scared him. I went in and told my mother we were headed for the hospital and they could come along when they were ready. On the way there every time I had a contraction and sucked in a breath Wes would hit the gas any other time this would have been funny but not so much right then. We got to the hospital, they got me into a room, got me hooked up to an IV, and I got to watch some t.v., back then I was really into 90210 LOL. KK finally arrived being greeted by Myself, my Mother, my Grandmother, and her Father at 1:34am. My Dad and Grandpa were in the waiting room but came into see her shortly after she arrived. She weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces and was 21 inches long. We were released the next day to come home and enjoy our new little bundle of joy. She was such a GREAT baby, she slept through the night at two weeks old. She is equally as GREAT now.....which does not mean there aren't a few rough days but I thought her teen years were going to be awful because she is so much like me in spirit (that strong willed independent thing can be hard on a parent) but thus far that has been a blessing. We had her family birthday last night....if DH is home they get to request their own special menus for the day's meals. KK isn't a big breakfast person normally so she opted for a bowl of cereal for breakfast. For lunch her Dad made her homemade sushi rolls....thankfully I got to enjoy her birthday lunch too ;) ;) Then for dinner we had cheese stuffed burgers with DH's awesome home fries. Since she isn't a big cake fan she requested a cheesecake with blackberries for her was YUMMY!!!! Then we opened presents which is always fun to see kids' reactions to the things you thought they would like.


  1. Happy Birthday KK....I love you!

    This week my oldest girl turned 19 and my youngest girl turned 12. It's been a rough week on this old mama. They are so excited to be getting older and I am so sad. Lisa~

  2. Thanks girl....can't believe she is 18 already!!!!


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