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Thursday, May 21, 2009

God is SO good and really works in mysterious ways....

My MIL is having a shot in her spine today around 2pm. This shot is hopefully going to alleviate some of her pain which will make it easier to get around. Plus hopefully it will last up to a year. This appointment has been set for a few weeks. She thought a few days ago she would research if there was anything she should do before the procedure. All her research left her with questions but when her regular doctor didn't call her back she became anxious. I asked her the doctor's name while we were talking to calm her. Low and behold it is the husband of a friend I go to church and MOPS with. They are both lovely and I have referred several friends to him this past year. A bunch of my MOPS mom friends already go see him as well. The thing that was so great was right after we talked he called her. He was of course super nice, told her not to worry, and answered her questions. Please pray that the procedure goes well, she is in very little pain afterward, and this helps her pain levels.

Mood: Awake
Weather: Gorgeous
Music: Sesame Street
Dinner: Chinese Stirfry

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  1. I am so glad she got her shot and hope she's feeling well tonight. We missed you at the concert. Lisa~


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