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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is what we did this past Saturday night.....

I can't believe my girl went to prom.....she looks beautiful everyday but, to see them looking so glitzed up and looking grown up was wild. The day started with us cleaning the house, then we did nails, then we showered, and I did my hair and make-up. Then at 5pm my friend Dawn (of P.S. He Loves You-see blogs at bottom) came over and gave a gorgeous up-do. She got dressed, I did her make-up, and added flowers to her hair. Then my friend Sara (of Scraps of Sara-also at the bottom)made their flowers, as well as some for me :). Then we headed outside and took some pictures near our trees. We went to Mamacita's for a yummy mexican dinner. We drove out to Ingram where "The Boy" as I affectionately call him goes to school. The prom was held at a place called Buckhorn, it fits it's name. Lots of rock work and animal heads on the walls. It was nice and very cool which after all this heat I really appreciated. They had a buffet of snacks with a chocolate fountain (none of us wanted anything we were still stuffed). There was lots of dancing, lots of laughter, and the dresses were beautiful. I think they only skipped dancing to 2 or 3 songs the whole night. We left at 11:30pm, they both had a blast. I had a good time seeing them have fun, so it was a good night.


  1. Oh I LOVE the picture of him twirling her. She looks perfect. Beautiful and still young. Her hair and flowers are gorgeous. How blessed you are to have such good friends. Lisa~

  2. Looks like a wonderful time was had!

    Your a great mom for not only allowing her this time ..but going along for the ride she will always remember you cared!!

    Kudo's to you and i love how the little black flowers "finished" it!


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