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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday....

Top Ten Things I am loving about VBS....

1. Seeing the kids dressed up everyday.

2. Hearing their answers to questions (you know kids' say the darndest things)

3. Having an assistant that is so great with kids'.

4. Going to the different booths with the kids in the Marketplace.

5. Learning the new songs each day.

6. Learning the new dance moves each day.

7. Planting seeds in the hearts of the kids' that God will grow.

8. Having my Love Bug in my group.

9. Getting to know members' of our church better.

10. That my Busy Body has a VBS in the nursery too and she LOVES it!!!!

Mood: Tired but relaxed
Music: None
Weather: Coming up on dusk
Dinner: Grilled Burger with sauteed onions, swiss, mushrooms, and avacado YUMMY!


  1. I'm so tickled for u to be doing this !!!

  2. VBS is totally fun! I do believe you have one of the very best helpers, too. He is super.

  3. I think that is another thing that is making this so much fun for me too!

  4. Wow looks like fun! Love the pic of all of you!


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