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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seeing the Lord at work is such a precious gift.....

My sweety was raised Catholic as a child. He has always believed in Christ but organized religion and hypocrites drove him away from the church. I always pray for him, his safety, and his happiness but lately I have been praying for him to join our family at church. For the Lord to put into his path those in our church family that could show him what a real church family should be like. He is reading his Bible more, he helped prepare and break down VBS, he became a member of our Sunday school class a few months back, and with his help we started a new family bible study this last Sunday. I am pleased for him to no end! I also see it as such an answer to my prayers to the Lord. Please join me in giving praise to the Lord for this answered prayer!!!!

Mood: Blessed
Music: None
Weather: Hot, 99 degrees
Dinner: Open faced warm turkey sandwiches

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  1. Yippee! God is awesome! I just love your family and I am so proud to know you. Lisa~


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