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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer is winding down and boy am I tired!!!!

I and many of my friends are having the same feelings the last week or so. Summer is drawing to a close and we are ready for "normal". The normal school time, bath time, and bed time routines. We are needing a vacation from our vacations I think. Our family spent time doing a whole lot of nothing this time last year. We all said we wished we had more to do this summer. The Lord sure provided there....our cup raneth over. We went through five different day camp/over night camps, we have deep cleaned almost all of the house, we went to Six Flags twice, the girls' saw a play, lots of sleep overs were held, as well as many trips to the pool/river to cool off in this super hot Texas heat. We had a wonderful Roman themed VBS....which both KK and I taught a class. I went to a retreat, have worked on some cards and crafts, and to cap it off DH and I have a two day get away for his birthday coming up to end our summer. I am almost done working up the whole school year's assignments for KK so all I will have to do is grade papers. Still have 6th grade orientation and Meet the Teacher night to go to next week as well as the end of the summer reading program. I am so ready for the normal routine so we can slow down.....thought we were cramming a lot into a week till summer started, whew I sure was wrong. It has been a GREAT summer though!!!!

Mood: Slight Headache
Weather: Bright
Music: the sounds of Love Bug and Busy Body playing pretend with their dolls
Dinner: Roast with carrots, potatoes, and onions

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  1. Your summer has been so different than last year! You need blowin' and goin'. At least it's been good busy and not bad busy. I hope you enjoy your birthday getaway! Lisa~


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