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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Throughly Busy Thursday....

Whew.....finally stopping to post (plus getting to sit and relax) for the first time today. I got up early to take DH to work....he is working a different schedule this week so his Supervisor could go on vacation. While I was there I figured I'd get my grocery shopping done early while there were less people shopping (it was actually pretty busy in there). Came home and put up everything, cleaned the house, and then took the girls' with me to run the rest of my errands. We had a picnic lunch in the park was nice and quiet as we were the only ones there and we were in the pavilion so it was shaded too. Then we hit the library for some books where I ran into one of my home school mom friends which is always so nice. Came home so Busy Body could get in a good nap....which thankfully she did YAY!!!! Now I am smelling the hashbrown casserole cooking in the oven (thanks to the Duggar's for the recipe)....I am drooling just waiting on it to finish. Gonna watch a movie later....not sure which one yet gonna let the girls' pick tonight. I have spent all week for the better part of each day feeling like something is missing or I forgot to do something. Nah it's just being down by one kiddo (Diva is at camp) has thrown my whole week out of whack that, and DH's changed up schedule. Tomorrow is pick her up from camp and closing ceremonies night....thankfully both DH and I get to go to support her WOO HOO.

Mood: Chilled
Weather: Sunset is coming the last streaming rays
Music: None
Dinner: Duggar's Hashbrown Casserole and Steamed Veggies

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