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Thursday, September 3, 2009

My DH's birthday get away....

We went on DH's birthday get away Monday morning. It was awesome!!!! We ate at all our favorite places...we cooked gourmet stuffed steaks with sauteed mushrooms for his birthday lunch. We watched HUGE herds of deer in a near by pasture. They made a noise I had only ever heard (something similar) from Elk before it was cool to hear. We watched these huge butterflies just sitting and flapping their wings. We played horseshoes at sunset and were surrounded by lightening bugs. We played Uno, Phase 10, some Fooseball, and pool (I even won a few games which is so surprising cause he is the king of games). We caught up on the DVDs that we have been meaning to watch but just haven't found the time. I was able to finish this year's book for MOPS and three magazines I have been meaning to get to. He slept in each morning and I got up and did my workout there. The kids' missed us but everything ran smoothly with KK and Grandma teaming up. My sweet MIL sprung for his birthday dinner since the girls' youth group kicked back off last night. We had yummy BBQ with cole slaw and ranch beans. Their sauce was AWESOME too. Plus warm blackberry cobbler for dessert. Below are some pictures of the scenery and the camp we stayed ROCKS there. It was SO quiet and peaceful....we talked about retiring somewhere like it someday.

Mood: bright eyes and bushy tailed
Weather: 72 degrees with a slight breeze...lovin this weather
Music: None
Dinner: Not sure yet, DH is home so he will cook YAY!

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