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Monday, September 7, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook September 7th Edition....

For Today...

Outside my window...a WONDERFUL 71 degrees with a light breeze

I am thinking...boy has Sesame Street changed...not in a bad way but it is just different and it makes me feel OLD.

From the learning rooms...staying at least four weeks ahead of KK in getting school work done up

I am thankful for...some quiet time this morning

From the kitchen...warm yummy coffee

I am workout outfit...gonna hit the showers in just a bit

I am reading...just finished my MOPS book

I am hoping...for some more rain, PLEASE Lord!!!!

I am creating...just finished 10 cards in a card class, 8 of which I needed immediately!

I am of my dear friend's parents both of whom found out this past week that they have cancer....Dear, Lord I ask that you help her to cope with the double struggle that is on her plate, that she get the encouragement she needs, and that if I can help her in any way you put me where I am needed. Amen

Around the house...:in the yard, we swept the walkways and raked some of the yard...noticing there are some green pecans on the trees. Not nearly as many as in years before but, there were none last year so any is better for sure.

One of my favorite things...watching the colors change on the trees

A few plans for the rest of the week...possibly lunch out tomorrow, a few deep cleaning chores, home school meeting, and some school work to work up...I am a few weeks ahead of her so it's all good.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Mood: It is such a pretty day!!!!
Music: Sound of my fan
Weather: So pretty!!!!, now at 76 degrees and partly cloudy
Dinner: Turkey, Garlic Bread, and Sweet Potatoes

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