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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yesterday....whew what a whirlwind day!

KK and I hit the floor movin' way before bright but definitely early...that 5:15am alarm sure was super ANNOYING!  We got our three mile walk in and in the dark no less.  Came home jumped in a speed shower.  Luckily I had everything I needed to take for our meetings craft time stacked and ready to go by the door.  The night before I had to lean on my great and crafty friend Sara, to help avoid being up till 2 or 3am cutting new name tags.  Thank the Lord she had a circular cutting tool that did the trick in twenty minutes....did I mention she rocks?!! (My friends are amazing, and all such blessings to me!!!!) Got dressed in my new purple MOPS shirt....who would have thought it that the shirt color would be my favorite color?  Just made the day kick off so good ;)  One of the ladies that KK sits for on a regular basis offered to pick us up so we rode with her....she is such a sweetheart, we heart her!  I also got the sweetest text from our MOPS a phone call to see if we needed a ride.  She has been paying attention to my updates on FB about DH's schedule change (Thanks for that Miss Shelby).  Got there and it was a bigger turn out than I thought it would be.  I believe I heard the final tally was 42 children in the nursery, 23 nursery workers, and guessing from counting around the room but about 51 mom's.  Some of the tables had mom's on their lists that had preregistered that weren't able to come to the first meeting so we may end up with more mom's from that later.  The speaker was great....she spoke on how important true friendships are especially to us moms of pre-schoolers.  We had a yummy breakfast provided by a local bakery....the orange juice tasted so good to me, maybe I needed some extra vitamin C.  The name tag craft went great, just need to finish up volunteer/worker name tags for next month but that's it.   Next month will be getting the ladies informed about Operation Christmas Child, sending them home with a Thanksgiving craft to do with their kiddos, and doing up those crafts for our workers as a Thank you.  After a bunch of us threw in and cleaned up we went to Taco Casa for lunch (well really for tea;). Then we were gonna try to catch a movie but, even though the internet said there was a 1:15 movie they were closed.  So we regrouped and went bowling...I even won a game which never happens.  Came home to clean, got the girls' squared away with homework, Diva went to her Big's house (they have a set Monday afternoon girls' time) for dinner, and we grabbed pizza for dinner.  Then it was time for bath's, getting clothes out for today, and I was able to go to bed early for a change.  I passed slap out....slept like a rock till I woke 20 minutes after my alarm went off.  I had to get up and get the girls' ready....which of course meant they missed the bus.  So I took them and dropped them off...only Love Bug was just a tad late, didn't even need me to walk her to class, SNIFF. I was so tired I came home and went back to bed for an hour or so.  I had the weirdest dream with a bunch of my home school mom friends in it.  Got up, had some breakfast, picked up a bit (just need to vacuum), and as soon as Busy Body wakes up we are gonna take our walk we missed this morning.  The weather is awesome today so it should be a nice day for it!

Mood: Rested
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Weather: Light breeze and sunny 82 degrees
Dinner: Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti, French Bread, and Salad


  1. Wow! That's quite a day! And yes....Sara rocks! Lisa~

  2. It was a great morning, great turn-out and great craft! Amazing it all went so smoothly - you did an awesome job!


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