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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I am so thrilled to be ahead of the game....Christmas shopping wise that is

I did some clearance sale shopping around tax time to put in storage for Christmas....I almost forgot all about it till I went to get out fall decorations this week.  I also had some things tucked away in my closet as well.  I rearranged the closet and I am completely done with Love Bug and Busy Body except for stocking stuffers.  I have all but a few things for Diva and KK.  I have a couple of presents for my MIL hidden away as well.  So now I just need to finish my list which already has ideas or orders that need to be placed.   I love that I really don't have to worry at all about it this year.  I also picked up ribbon and wrapping paper on sale last year so I won't need to buy any of that either.  I bought my Christmas cards at a sale too for super cheap.  I have our annual Christmas craft picked out, which I got a coupon to go towards in the mail just yesterday.  I am so thankful I won't be rushing to get things done this year....I am so ahead of myself I am putting together fleece blankets for each of the girls' too.

Mood: Time to relax after a long laundry filled day
Weather: 72 degrees
Music: None
Dinner: Brats, Baked Beans, and Corn on the Cob
Exercise: Yay it's the weekend, get time off from exercise
Random thought: Glad to have the laundry caught up....but that vicious cycle never ends, wish they made disposable clothes ;)

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