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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seeing the maturity in you eldest child....priceless

I truly love watching my girls' grow and mature!!  I am of course seeing more of it in KK as she is approaching adulthood.  In her case she has NO problem making friends, putting others at ease (especially those who are new to our church), and drawing others into conversations.  Her Dad and I have spoke with her about friendships and their importance.  We have told her as much as she gives she should be also cultivating friendships with those who are uplifting, encouraging, and help build her up in her walk with Christ.  I am watching her make better choices in friends of late.  She wasn't picking bad influences just friends who were not putting as much into the friendship as she was.  Now she is surrounding herself with those who are putting as much into things as she. It is refreshing to see her make wise choices for herself.


Mood: Getting excited about tonight's mom's meeting....truly LOVE these women, they are awesome!
Weather: 79 degrees and muggy out
Music: None
Dinner: Cheesy Vegetable Soup and French Bread
Exercise: Got rained out...pooh, but so glad for the rain as well
Random thought: So funny how easy my kids' are to embarrass :)

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  1. I love this post. It's so true. We have to think about our friendships and how they affect us. I remember once hearing a preacher say, "If I want to know who you really are, I will ask you who are your five closest friends and then I will know everything I need to know about you." I wondered at the time, "Yikes! I'm not too sure that would speak well of me! I went out and decided that I needed to have my five closest friends (of course, still keeping my other friendships, but just not having them as close) be people I admired and that made me a better person and a better Christian.

    OK, I've written too much. But all that is to is really important! Lisa~


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