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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TOP TEN TUESDAYS: Things On My Kitchen Table (or in my case my rolling island)

1. Partial Bag of Potatoes
2. Recipe card for pumpkin pancakes
3. Recipe card for pumpkin bread
4. Loaf of Bread
5. Pen
6. Shopping list notepad
7. My cup of coffee
8. Stack of letters to mail
9. My small claw clip
10. Pot holder

Mood: Want to be curled up with a book, this weather screams for it.
Weather: BEAUTIFUL and 59 degrees
Music: My Nutcracker cd
Dinner: Brats, Corn on the cob, and Potato Salad
Exercise: 3 mile walk
Random thought: This morning my FB status from last night is still with me.....When someone shows you who they are believe them!!!! (I have always had a hard time with this, which is why I am so cautious now....the irony of this is within the same week my very best friend and I are dealing with it.  We live in different states and it is happening to both of us.  If nothing else it has given me a renewed appreciation for her and how much I love her!!!!)


  1. Oh no! When we get together (hopefully soon!) you must tell me what happened on Facebook. I am so sorry you have to deal with anything like that. Lisa~

  2. hmm speaking of pumpkin bread..I hope you have a fresh loaf for me next time ;)

  3. Dang it I should have given you that when you picked KK up! I think we are gonna make banana nut bread next you like banana bread??


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