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Friday, December 11, 2009

How was my trip you make ask.....o.k. I'll tell ya ;)

I left on the 2nd after not flying since way before 9/11....I noticed I wasn't as confident a flyer as I once was.  Must just be me getting older, he he he.  I arrived at almost be greeted by one of the most beautiful people I know, my Mindy Lou (how she acquired this nickname I can't remember).  She is actually Mindy Danielle for which one of my daughter's is named.  We headed back to her cute little house that I had only seen in pics when she first moved in.  It was all white and sterile then....she has put her own spin on it with paint and decor over the last few years.  I felt instantly at home!  I was greeted by her ever present fur babies....she is a HUGE cat lover.  They are all sweet and such funny characters too.  The girls' were in bed so I didn't get to see them till after school the next day.....they are so sweet, funny, smart, and such love bug's too.  I felt so blessed to get to spend time with this little family, they are each AWESOME!!!!  We ate out at a few of her favorite restaurants, I got to cook her dinner one night which never happens for her, helped her middle sweety with her homework a few nights, I met several of her friends (another Heather in fact who is actually very similar to me in many ways), we got in a movie, and had Sunday dinner with her Momma.  While I was there I got to spend a day and eat dinner with my grandparents (who raised me during my formative years and are more like my mom and dad) and my great uncle and aunt (who I hadn't seen since I was little.....they are such neat people).  Aunt Lyn made the best from scratch southern dinner, made me totally aware (in a good way) of how long it had really been since I was home.  I also ate dinner out with my Step Mom and Father, visited their house twice (with my Step Mom showering me with gifts....that is her love language), and had dessert with them on my last night there. I had lunch with my baby brother(he will be 21 on my birthday) and his girlfriend (who was a sheer delight), if he told me once he told me a dozen times how much he loves was so nice to hear!!!  My Father who has NEVER told me he loves me not only said it once but, four times over two meetings as well as how he hopes it isn't as long before he sees his only daughter again.  I nearly fell out of my chair several times.  I am used to affection and love from my Step Mom, had I not been an angsty and guilt controlled teen she would have made the best mom for me.  I feel like Jesus always has a plan for me each day but, what I thought this trip was wasn't.  He gave me extra gifts at every turn and the opportunity to plant a seed with Mindy that he will grow in his timing.  I received texts and calls all week from my wonderful family....we said goodnight each night at bedtime.  Even with talking each day I missed them terribly!!!!  I arrived home around 1:30pm on the a family which was overjoyed to see, hug, and kiss me.  It was wonderful to see so clearly how much they missed me too.  We are getting back to our normal routine (minus our car which unbeknownst to me died a sad death while I was gone) and gearing up for the coming school break and holidays. 

Mood: Rested and Relaxed
Weather: 42 degrees and cloudy
Music: None
Dinner: Baked Chicken Spaghetti Casserole
Exercise: Getting back to it this next week...more so than usual now but it's all good
Random Thought: Starting our Christmas baking this weekend


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