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Monday, December 14, 2009

MOPS Monday....

I love this meeting each month!  This year it seems I am meeting a new mom each time....we are growing, a lot.  I feel blessed to be apart of this ministry!  We have a leadership team that is truly invested in making our group great.  Each month we have brunch, a speaker on various topics based on our annual theme (this year it is Life on Planet alien theme), prayer/devotional time, discussion in our table groups, an ice breaker game, door prize, and (of course my position) craft time.  This month we were doing double duty...our annual cookie swap (we added recipe swap too) and we made paper ornaments for our tree.  I was so thrilled that I could get the nursery volunteer crafts done before the meeting so that I could concentrate on the meeting.  I am enjoying getting to know better the women at my table as well.  We all come from different backgrounds, different churches/faiths, and we find some of us parent similarly as well.  I equally enjoy meeting those that do things differently than I do parenting wise....I find it interesting.  Our Pastor's Wife sat at our table today...she is one of our mentor moms.  The other mentor mom is in my Sunday School class and has become a great friend to my DH and I over the last year.  We have also gotten the chance to enjoy hanging out with the Pastor and his wife at our Sunday School dinners.  They are a riot and crack me up!  I believe both the mentor mom's and the associate pastor's wife are the only ones besides myself with four kiddos.  I feel like I can learn so much from these mature christian women/moms....they encourage me and love on me often.  It is really special to me to call them friends.  MOPS Mondays are a whirlwind of activity but I LOVE them!  Another thing our gracious Lord has blessed me with this year....he is ever so good to us!!!!

Mood: Happily Tired
Music: None
Dinner: BBQ Pork Chops, Corn, Green Beans
Weather: Cloudy and 62 degrees
Exercise: Been on the go most of the day...Whew
Random Thought: Ummmmm Special Dark Mini Bars are SO GOOD!

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