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Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a wonderful Christmas we had....

DH and I decided that since an angel blessed us with the one (large) present both of our younger girls' put on their wish lists that one of us needed to sleep in the living room to catch their reactions on camera.  Busy Body goes straight for Daddy if she wakes up in the middle of the night so he went to bed and I slept on the couch camera at the ready.  Low and behold it was our oldest two who camped out together in KK's room that I heard whispering and giggling at 6am.  When they heard me moving I heard in unison "Can we come in there yet?" he he he.  I told them to gently go wake everyone else so I could catch it all in pictures.  We did stockings first which is always so much fun to find the little special gifts inside.  We had biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast which we hadn't had in forever....ummmm good!  We went one person at a time opening presents so it lasted almost two hours, it was so much fun to watch them open their gifts.  After everyone got their haul taken to their rooms we cleaned up all the explosion in the living room and had an appetizer lunch.  Then we did the big house cleaning chores cause we were having company over for dinner.  We got the ham in the oven to be glazed with a dr. pepper, brown sugar, and black currant glaze, so yummy!!!!  Then we helped them open those annoying plastic packages and put batteries in things.  We all had fun playing with their new games.  We got dinner almost totally done as our company arrived.  Our girls' and theirs played for a few hours, we laughed and talked, and ended our time together with a super delicious meal made for us by my sweety who is AWESOME in the kitchen!  After our friends left we watched a movie together, got the kitchen cleaned, and had double layer pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.  See pictures below of all our fun:


Side story to the day...the above pic of Love Bug with all the bows on her head and wrist was such a cute thing to watch.  She went around to everyone and quietly collected their bows.  Then she said "Hey Momma check this out."  I turned around and that pic was what I saw, it was too cute!  The shot of Diva with all the empty boxes has a story as well.  She kept gathering up all the empty boxes to behind her....when I asked her what she was doing she said, "Well Momma boxes are really the best gift ever."  I asked why?  "Because you can put anything in them."  She cracks me up...Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Mood: Full, we just had pizza for lunch
Weather: 51 degrees and sunny
Music: None
Dinner: Ham Soup and Toasted French Bread
Random Thought: Whew the holidays just FLEW!
Exercise: None today...I am off for the weekend :)


  1. I love the hubby gifts. Now he can build you some stuff! Great pictures! Lisa~

  2. Yeah like my elusive scrap book cabinet....which he said last night after reorganizing our closet that I still really need!
    :) Heather


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