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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wow life got CRAZY and I haven't been here in almost two months...

Let's see where to begin...our rental was foreclosed on because the landlord was pocketing our rent for about a year is the property manager's best guess.  We were wondering why we had been trying to get him to fix some things around the house (one being what started out as a small hole in the bathroom floor).  The hole got bigger and eventually my MIL went through it....fortunately the Lord blessed us with her not being badly hurt.  We ended up signing a contract for keys to cash saying we would move out in thirty days.  I really thought when we signed the initial papers that finding another place would be no sweat.....boy oh boy was I ever wrong.  I have learned so much from this experience!!!!  We thought we would originally buy but the program we are interested in the form filing and approval process can take a little time and we didn't have that so we started hunting for rentals.  We looked everywhere up to a point in the city and for some reason we just hadn't gone past that point.  We had seventeen days to find a house when the Lord provided church family in the form of Love Bug's Sunday school teacher as the property manager of a small, quiet, multiple families with kids', super clean, and the two most important issues....within our budget and fits us all mobile home community.  Our friends and church family rallied around us to help us move.  They showed up with boxes, hands to work, vehicles, and trailers.  We moved everything but one small load in four days....which was no small feat!!  We cleaned the old house and had about thirty minutes of last minute stuff to do there this last week.  When we went back the local neighborhood kids had broken in and caused somewhere around $2000 of damage to the house.  My thirty minutes turned into six and a half hours worth of work....but, thank the Lord it was my last day there and we don't have to go back.  We are sad to leave our immediate next door neighbors and their kids' behind!!!!  Although, we are all serious about still getting together...we all had lunch and let the little kids' play on Monday.  My kitchen in this new place is three times the size of the previous one, we have two bathrooms, I have the window seat I have always wanted, the ability to have my washer and dryer indoors without rewiring the house, bigger living room, and all our stuff that was in storage is able to be used indoors now.  I never go to bed earlier than 10:30pm but for some reason now due to the quiet I could fall asleep at 8:30pm if I wanted to.  I am sleeping better for certain, I am cooking more again cause we aren't trapped in a tiny kitchen, I love my bathroom which even has room for my vanity table, and I am done unpacking and setting up except for a handful of my pictures and KK's that need to be hung.  I am doing the morning run of dropping the middle two girls' at school each morning and with the weather turning nice have started walking again at a beautiful walking/exercise track just down the street from Love Bug's school.  This Monday was MOPS and it was a great meeting with a great speaker...the craft I got finished by the good Lord's grace of knowing what was coming the Wednesday before we got the house so I was ready to go.  Today was my last bible study in the Beth Moore Stepping Up series and I was sad for it to end.  I really feel with everything that has been going on of late the Lord led me right to this one knowing there were some things I need drilled into my head and heart again.  Beth Moore recommended we get down on our hands and knees with our faces to the floor and God would meet us there.  Boy...WOW  He really did meet me there on my knees!!!!!  I clearly heard Him in my heart say on more than one occasion..."Never fear or doubt my daughter I am here with you and just when you think you cannot stand one more second of this turmoil you are in right now I am holding you.  All will be alright because I have promised you it will be.  I found such peace in that!  I know when we finally signed this lease  I broke down and bawled and was in physical pain from the relief of all the stress being lifted.  I give all the glory to God for the things he has shown our family in the last few months....not just His providing provision for us but, I think the very thing that has touched me the most was the tenderness and love my friends' and church family showed up to bestow on us.  We feel truly blessed by the people God has given us as friends!!!!!!!!!!!

Mood: Tired (been a long but productive day)
Weather: 49 degrees and cloudy
Dinner: Quick fix night....sandwiches and chips, youth group night
Music: silence except for my fan
Exercise: 3.32 miles fast walked today
Random Thought: Loving that I am sitting here after having quiet bible study time in my bedroom on my computer and relaxing AHHHHHHH this is bliss!!

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