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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Counting Down till School is out....

My Love Bug got up this morning and said, "Seven more days of school, Momma". Wow I didn't realize we were so close to the end of this year.  Boy this school year has flown by it seems!!  Looking back over the year some truly awesome things have happened:  Love Bug has improved with her reading and struggled with her spelling (we are getting there and are going to continue practice during the summer).  Diva won the Peer Mediation award at school, she has participated in this program for two years now.  Her math class has been a bit of a struggle but she pulled through in the end.....all horizons classes except regular math next year too.  KK is winding up her senior year, now it is onto GED test classes and then in the spring a Graduation/18th bday bash to celebrate.  Busy Body is sleeping better these days, no more fever of unknown origin thanks be to God, has hit a definite growth spurt, and is keeping us on our toes being three ;)  DH is working his tail end off taking care of us, got a wood working project he is finishing, helping with media for tomorrow nights community choir concert (that KK has a solo in), and has recently ran a power point presentation for the Wednesday night adult bible study at church.  I was able to get in some scrap booking time this past weekend with Miss Diva along to help....made a calendar for next year, forty cards, eight pages for KK's album, and four pages' for Diva's.  I am doing the For Women Only Bible study at my friend Sara's church, have an end of year MOPS BBQ coming up, and going to San Antonio this Saturday for some overnight fun with some friends from high school that I reconnected with on Face Book.  Tomorrow night is gonna be so fun.....can't wait to hear KK sing, hope to put some pictures and a short video on here of it all in the next few days ;)

Mood: Relaxed
Music: None
Dinner: Stroganoff
Weather: Blissful 60 degrees
Exercise: 2.5 miles walked, 360 standing ab crunches, and workout stations at the track
Random Thought: Need to remember to embellish the holidays on my new calendar too :)

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