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Monday, September 13, 2010

Off to a wonderful start....

Our area MOPS group's (meetings held at our church) year kicked off today.  I adore this group and love seeing the wonder of what this ministry is doing for mom's in our community!!  Our theme this year is Momology: The Art and Science of Mothering.  Our motto is: Friends Don't Let Friends Mother Alone......this is so true.  These mom's are so invaluable and dear to me!!  I always leave a meeting feeling recharged, uplifted, encouraged, and like I just got my very own grown-up playdate with my friends.  I am the resident craft gal for our MOPS group and I LOVE it!!!  Our first craft is usually name tags and so many mom's have said they know we need them but, they forget to leave them on the table and then they just disappear.   So this year I was trying to figure out how we could combat that problem.  Solution: drinking mugs with inserts we could decorate with our table color, names, and something to represent our kiddos.  They turned out super cute and I will take some pics next month as I forgot my camera and only had my phone with me.  Our first speaker was Melanie of thebigmamablog  and she was great!  Her topic was a good one and she was just as funny as she is on her blog....I really enjoyed her!  We didn't have all our speakers answers as to if they could come or not by retreat time. And of course we still needed a few to fill in the gaps so it was nice to find out who some of them will be today too.   The Lord always shows up to bring us just the right person to speak to our group!!  Dawsie Meek will be returning for I believe her third year this year to speak to us.  She is a truly awesome speaker and has an absolutely beautiful singing voice as well.  Some of our mom's can't make it to all the meetings however; I do believe every mom registered turns out for Dawsie's talk.  A little birdie said that one of my dearest friends Lisa who blogs over at The Pennington Point is going to be one of our speakers.  This Lady is a treasure to me and I have been privileged to hear her speak many times.  She is a great speaker and an even greater friend so I am super excited about her blessing our group.  On a stroke of irony (for me anyways) my DGL this year is Sara K. Kendrick who shares several things in common with one of my other buddies Sara Kendrick (no relation) who (occasionally) blogs over at Scraps of Sara when she has the time.   We spent the morning listening, ate a good breakfast, played a great ice breaker game with starburst (YUM), had discussion time at our tables, and ended with craft time.  My Sunday School class donated the first breakfast as well as one of our members donated a scholarship for a mom for the year.  We had some cool door prizes...devotional, decorative praying scripture over your child book from Scripture Haven , soap/body butter/hand lotion (donated by one of our moms who makes her products out of goats milk) her stuff is wonderful: Nuluv  a massage, manicure, and  childs' story book.   What a wonderful first meeting, I hope and pray the rest of the year is even more awesome than today!!!!  The Lord has brought all of us mom's together to show us what his plans for friendship and fellowship are....He is SO good!!!!!!!

Mood: Charged after a great day :)
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Weather: 90 degrees and partly cloudy
Dinner: Cream cheese turkey noodle casserole and crusty baked bread
Random Thought: The pink Sunny D they have out now is GOOD :) :)
Exercise: None today too full a schedule...hoping to get in 6 miles this week though

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  1. I love hearing about your MOPS group! Thanks for saying such sweet things about know I feel the same way about you. You're a treasure! I love reading Big Mama and was so excited for you all when I heard she was speaking. Let's get together soon! Lisa~


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