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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WOW, this year sure is flying by...

I mean there are only eight more days until Thanksgiving, seems like it was just Spring time yesterday!!  We are gearing up around here (the fall always does for me what spring time does for others) for a wonderful cozy give thanks celebration.  In the fall I do extra cleaning projects. I tend to bake/cook more, and get more (than my regular) crafty.  We have been making lots and lots of cards, we have tried out two new dinner and one new baking recipe, got some scrap booking done, made a few homemade presents for Christmas, and have gotten half of our annual Christmas craft done.  Also I am really enjoying watching the leaves turn colors and the temperatures getting more comfortable.  Breaking out more pants and long sleeves to wear these days.  I am down seven pounds since I added in a workout to my regular walking each week.  I am usually getting in 9m walking and then an aerobics workout when I get home.  I can feel the difference in how my clothes are fitting, my energy levels, and my sleep patterns.  I am going to bed earlier and sleeping better, which is so nice!!  Also making sure to remember to take my vitamins and drink a lot of water each day.  Been doing a women's bible study on David which is almost over but, was really detailed and the ladies who joined this one some I knew and some I didn't have been so much fun.  Girls' are doing great in school, having fun at youth group, and being helpers to me.  DH is working away his days as always...such a good man and worker, we are blessed to have him!!!  So that's what we have been up to....we are loving the Fall!!

Music: None
Weather: 60 degrees and gorgeously sunny out
Dinner: Beefy Noodle Casserole and Garlic Bread
Mood: Relaxed
Exercise: 3m walking/Cardio Salsa

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