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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving was a hit...we did a lot of semi-homemade dishes...

Since DH wasn't off on his regularly scheduled off day I let my Diva help me with the meal.  I didn't want to overwhelm her with a huge holiday production so we made all the pies the day before and then used semi-homemade dishes to complete our feast.  The turkey took a tad longer than I wanted..."thankfully" I put it in an hour earlier than I had originally planned to.  It meant we were ready to carve and settle down to the table right as DH walked through the door.  Diva had set the table and lit the candles so it was all pretty when he walked in :)  We totally enjoyed Diva and Love Bug's five days at home with us.  We baked, we watched movies, and we read together.  It was very we had the ever wonderful left overs which we turned into four more dinners: turkey vegetable soup, turkey enchilada casserole, turkey sandwiches, and turkey alfredo.  Now we are gearing up for the next big day on the books, Christmas which has always been a big deal in our house.  We are almost all decorated (including me rearranging furniture in the living room and our bedroom) just my MIL's room, Busy Bodies little tree (which will make the tree count 7: 2 large and 5 small), and the lights to hang.  All of that should be done this afternoon YAY!!  The girls' are gonna be at a holiday daycamp this weekend so I am gonna finish working on our holiday craft, make some more cards to mail, and I am hoping to get in some ceramic painting time too.  I think I am just as excited about the day as the girls' are!!   I am down 10 pounds now....adding in that extra workout sure is kicking up my 9miles a week walking.  Got several things I have to get done this month along with our festivities: MOPS, community Christmas walk, annual Sunday school party, concert at church, several get togethers with friends, and of course the Christmas eve service at church.  Love this time of year...we added just enough to our monthly calendar to make the season more fun and not too much to overwhelm me.  I still need to do a bit of shopping for DH and Diva as well as stocking stuffers but, we are pretty much done after the craziness of shopping on black Friday.  That is something I will not repeat was NUTS, I would rather pay full price than deal with the pushing, shoving, and bad behavior/language.

Mood: relaxed
Weather: 66 degrees and bright sunshine
Music: None
Dinner: Baked Chicken....and well I don't know yet :)
Exercise: Hip Hop Cardio
Random Thought: I just do not understand the thumping of one's stereo speakers to the point of making the general public inside their houses be annoyed by it.  I didn't understand it as a teen either....have never thought it was cool/hip!!  You can't appreciate the lyrics only the bass....that just isn't real music to me, IMHO.


  1. OH, it sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. I love how you cook with your girls. If you ever need someone to taste test the pies, just let me know. ;-)

  2. Congrats on weight's amazing how much happier it makes us during our days.

    Thanx for stopping by and for the blessings.

    God Bless~ Dawn

  3. lol @ Mindy....yeah that would be a killer job to have wouldn't it? I always wanted to be a tester for Godiva myself ;)

    Thanx clothes are fitting better and my sleep and energy levels sure have changed!! You are so welcome!!!!

    And keep you~ :) Heather


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