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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to "normal"...

I really don't think we could be called normal but, we are gonna go with that to explain around our house this week.   We got back from our annual spring break trip this past Friday night cause we had a baby shower and birthday party (for members of the same family no less) on Saturday.  The hotel beds were super wonderful but, there is so much to be said for climbing back into one's own bed.  The next day we did some cleaning and unpacked (all the laundry got done before we came home so now I just have a TON of clean clothes to put away).  Then I got to go to my dear friend Jessica's baby #2 for their sweet family and now they will have one of each.  It was time spent with many of my MOPS friends which I always adore!!!!  Then I came home and picked up, DH went up to church to help work on the church bus' lights, and I got some more stuff from vacation put away.  That afternoon we headed to Micky D's for Jessica's little girls' 3rd birthday, it was so much fun.  We all love this little family so much, they are such a treasure to us.  Got into bed Saturday night at a decent time to rise early, grab some donuts, some yummy coffee, and head out to Fiesta Texas.  We purchased season passes while we were in Arlington so we could visit both will also benefit us when Diva goes with her choir there for their end of year trip :)  We hit the park and rode Goliath first....wooooo hooooo.  Then I just concentrated on the kids' riding stuff cause by Sunday I just wanted a lazy day.  We stayed till 5pm then headed for the gate, we can't pass up eating at Red Robin (yum) while we are at the RIM.  We met my friend Dawna and her sweet fiance for dessert and really enjoyed getting to hang out with them.  We got home and got ready for getting the older girls' back to school the next morning.  Busy Body and I got up, got the other girls' off to school, then DH and I returned the rental car (SNIFF SNIFF), and he dropped us at church for a steering team meeting.  So today is really our first day back to a normal schedule....still have a load of laundry to wash and some picking up to do.  The thing is I am finally tired so I am gonna have kick myself in the hiney to get it finished.  Pictures and more stories about our trip to come :)

Music: None
Weather: Overcast, VERY windy, and supposed to hit 80 for a high today
Mood: Tired
Dinner: Chicken and Dumplins with garlic toast
Exercise: 3m walk and 200 standing ab crunches
Random thought:  I have achieved knowing almost every line in the Wizard of Oz, which is Busy Body's favorite movie :)

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