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Monday, March 28, 2011

"What we did on vacation"....Part 1

I remember getting that title for the first back to school writing assignment for many years.  So I am gonna tell you all about what we did on our annual spring break vacay :)  Sunday (3/13/11) was our first full day in Dallas....the hotel beds that we fell into at about 2am were WONDERFUL!!!!  One of the amenities was free breakfast (the kids really enjoyed the waffle station) which was wonderful not to have to worry about each day.  Usually with me being the organizer that I am there is some sort of itinerary this year however; I just wanted to go with the flow.  DH is the king of research....he finds great deals, super online coupons, and not your run of the mill things to check out and do each year.  So of course in the planning stage I turned him loose....he came up with a huge list we could pick and choose from.  We have done the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area when Busy Body was just over a year old so we wanted to try some new things this time.  Of course we wanted to hit the Zoo and Six Flags as those were must sees on our list.  We also got season passes while we were there so we could spend the following Sunday at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.  They will come in handy for Diva too....the end of year choir trip is there so we won't have to buy her a ticket.  We slept in a bit after getting in so late...then while we were trying to get awake and grabbing some grub DH headed over to our friends' the Page Family for worship.  Our friend Russell is planting a new church and while they are waiting to get into a building church services are held at their home.  The girls' and I were bummed we didn't get up in time to make it but, DH said it was really wonderful.  He returned with a local "things to do" paper (thanks so much Shawn!!!!) that had some things in it that weren't even on our original list.  We changed up what we planned to do for the rest of the week.  So many great new things to do and see, it was awesome info.   We decided to spend the rest of the day being lazy :)  We hit the TCU campus to eat lunch at the Mellow was the best pizza I have ever eaten.  Such a cute place too....Diva has decided TCU is where she wants to go to college.  A truly beautiful campus for sure, plus as her mom I am super glad she has a desire to go to such a good christian college!!  After lunch we hit a local park so the girls' could run around and was partly cloudy so it was perfect.  Then we went to Smoothie King for an afternoon snack....we made fun out of passing our smoothies around to each other for taste testing.  We were all feeling the lazy vibe so we hit the grocery store for snacky dinner options and ice cream.  Headed back to the hotel, ate, and we all just passed out.  A slow but, nice start to our vacation was just what the doctor ordered!

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  1. Love it...makes me almost feel like I was there with ya! <3


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