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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do you do what is asked of you or do you get dealt with by a great BIG fish??...

Just started a new Women's Bible study this for the next seven Wednesdays (except the week of Spring Break) my title today is the $6 million dollar question.  So what do you think...for yourself that is??  Do you struggle with obedience in your life??  I know I have been known to a time or twelve ;)  I think for me the areas where I have the most issue with this are self-doubt and my control nature.  I want everyone I love to be taken care of even if I have to "get r done" myself to make it happen.  When I can't help someone I feel....way frustrated (throwing back to my best 80's valley girl here people)!!  It is still so amazing to me how His timing works...this study came along just when He needed it to for me.  I am being obedient and hearing that small voice that is directing me.  I am refocusing my concentration on some things with renewed energy and having to let go of other things (this is SO hard for me!!!!) I was raised by a single mom who made it clear she could do it all and with gusto (not that she necessarily succeeded), this I fear gave me a "Super Woman Complex" as I like to call it.  Most days and in most situations this is not a bad trait to have especially having all these girls' to raise.  As I grow older and mature (dang did I just say that ;) I am finding it easier to ask for help if I need it and to sometimes depend on others.  I am finding of late I am depending on God more than anything or anyone else...his love, grace, peace, comfort, and forgiveness are all I need to get through anything that I face.  The funny thing is even those who don't know much about or aren't particularly religious can most likely tell you who Jonah was.  What I am learning in my estimation is there is more to be learned about Jonah after the BIG fish spit him out than from him being swallowed.  He is the only prophet in all of the Bible to run from God....can you even imagine??  Where are you gonna go....where can you actually hide??  There are so many things in day to day life that I would love to say...."Nope just not gonna deal with this at all."  I know that as much as I sometimes think I know what is best for me...I really have no clue!  God has a "just this far moment" for me still ahead that I can't even wrap my brain around.  This study has already sucked me in (pardon the pun) and I can't wait to see what else God has to teach me through Jonah!!!!!!

Mood: Winding down
Weather: 50 degrees
Dinner: Beautiful salad with all the fixins'
Music: None....just blissful silence
Exercise: None today
Random Thought: Every day you have a choice to be happy no matter what or to not :)

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