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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

100 Day Challenge: Day 1

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

1. I am a walk with Christ is so important to me.
2. I am the mother of four girls'.
3. I love to do arts and crafts especially scrap book.
4. I am originally from Florida.
5. I am of Irish decent.
6. I never want to work full time again.
7. I love coffee, sleep, and dark chocolate!
8. I am 35 years old.
9. I love our annual spring break trips...started them to build memories with my girls' I never had growing up.
10. Other than my sweety, Mindy is my closest friend.
11. I cannot stand lots of water drops left in the kitchen sink.
12. I will be finishing the degree I started many years ago online once my Busy Body starts school.
13. I'm most inspired by people with big hearts.
14. I am not a morning person
15. I want to visit Ireland and Italy as tops on my travel list.

Mood: Time for bed for me :)
Weather: Cooler thank goodness
Dinner: MOPS Bbq with steering team friends' was super yummy
Music: None
Workout: None
Random Thought: So chilly in here thinking of putting on socks

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