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Monday, May 23, 2011

Connecting with old friends....

Facebook has been so great for this...talked to a gal today that I was super close to in high school for about an hour.  We are at some of the same stages parenting wise and it was great to catch up and find out what she is doing now.  I also have tentative plans to meet and visit with one of DH and I's bridemaids from our wedding who now works here in town.  She has apparently driven by me many times in traffic and I must be in my own world while I am driving.  Look out world....LOL I swear I am paying attention to the road!!! Funny how we can sometimes feel that life stood still in high school and everyone is stuck in a time warp.  I am so glad to get to know these ladies now that they have moved on to bigger and better things.  Of late especially my dear Dawna....we didn't run in the same circles in school so I had no idea how truly AWESOME she is!!!!  This lady blesses me pretty much daily....she prays for me, texts and calls me, and encourages me.  Face book has truly blessed me with some fabulous reconnections!!

As for on the home front:

We are on a count down to the last day of school (Thursday) and I think I am more excited than they are ;)  I am looking forward to not getting up quite so early and spending time hanging out at the pool.  Plus the older girls' have camp and loads of fun stuff to do with their youth groups.  I am looking forward to more evening family time and crafting time.  Plus in a month or so I will start working on crafts for MOPS....and then there is the retreat which I LOVE!!  After that is Dawna's wedding for which I am the Matron of Honor....this event has been such a source of joy for me for my friend.  It is 50's themed and gonna be loads of fun.  We have already started planning and had a girls' night out in San Antonio to get under way.  We laughed our heads off, had some great girl time, and started filling up our planning notebooks.  I can't wait to meet more of the bridemaids and enjoy all the fun wedding festivities!!
Summer is quickly approaching.....what ya got planned??

Mood: Getting a little hungry actually
Weather: 84 and way MUGGY....they say we have rain coming but, we shall see cause it keeps fizzling out before getting to us.
Music: None
Dinner: Creamy Venison Pasta bake and salad
Exercise: Was gonna go on my walk but the clouds rolled in, as soon as I got home with the van the sun came out GRRRR
Random thought: Wish when we were teens we knew what we know now....sure would have kept us from being so truly stupid!! 

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