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Monday, January 2, 2012

What stupid people we are.....

Funny how us dumb "sheep" have to learn things!!!  I have gotten my feelings hurt over a few things of late, so my new mantra for 2012 is: No more stupid stuff!!!!!!  It occurred to this sheep today right after this thought....("give, give, give and in return I get ungratefulness, flippant, and thoughtless behavior"), that what do I have to be upset about.  This must only be a fraction of the frustration our Father feels in dealing with us.  He gives, gives, gives and what do we do?  We don't use His gifts at all, we ignore Him, we never thank Him and act like we did the work, take credit for His glory...the list goes on and on.  I can choose to wallow in my hurt feelings or love more instead.  I am gonna pick the latter....I want to be more like Him!!!!!!!!!  I am usually thick skinned when it comes to things like this but, it never fails to amaze me how God uses everyday life to teach us things.  This holiday season seemed to flash right by in a whirlwind but, now that we are trying to get back on our normal schedule I am seeing this holiday as different than so many before it.  We are at a vastly different place this year as a family in our walk with the Lord.  Things that each year before have had meaning...seems they have meant so much more or turned into something different altogether this year.  I am looking forward to 2012 and what it holds for us!  Time has become more precious lately, memories being made seem deeper, and the love we share as a family is growing in a new way.  In the last month we have been to parties, a Community Church Walk (my new favorite holiday tradition), a Christmas play (that all our girls' were in), and exchanged gifts/cards with our beloved friends and family.  All of that as wonderful as it is doesn't compare to the laughter we have shared, songs we have sung, traditions we have carried on or started new ones, and the time the Lord has blessed us with as a family.  As the girls' grow and go off on their own these are the gifts I will treasure most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite verse really does say it best: Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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  1. Loved this post and you! Couldn't have said it better my daughter <3


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