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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another year older...

So I am back in just over a week this time...giggle.  Time has flown way too fast in the land of raising these girls'!  I want a remote like from that movie Click (but, not one that changes things for the bad)...that lets me pause them, or shoot just slow them down.  Before I know it they will all be grown with their own families and lives.  It will make me proud but, be bittersweet as well.  My Busy Body (and she is still that, such a nosey rosey) turned the BIG 6 on the 4th.  We wanted to do something a bit more BIG girl style this year so we had a ladies who lunch tea party.  We held it at Queen B's our local tea house.  The owners are actually from England and super sweet.  They gave us lessons in how to speak more like Brits, impeccable service, fussed over the birthday girl (even gave her a gift and song), let us dress up in boas and hats, and served us the most delicious tea party ever.  Their food is divine and the choices of teas was great as well.  BB had coconut tea which to be honest I wasn't so sure about but, it was actually everyone at the tables fave.  The Diva and I shared a large pot of chocolate truffle tea which was very good.  The Love Bug had vanilla and it was tasty as well.  We dined on ladies plates and princess plates...their specials.  I enjoyed a very yummy turkey and cranberry sandwich on a croissant with sweet tomato basil soup.  It was SO good!!  The Diva had the chicken pot pie and the soup....everything in it was from scratch and we all tasted and wished we had seconds.  The "littles" had PB and J cut into crowns and hearts with fruit and tea.  Then we all got our "dainties" which included lemon bars, brownies, rainbow iced cakes, peppermint sugar cookies, honey tarts, and key lime custard tarts.  It was all so wonderful that we marked the occasion with a mini tea pot for her to open with her gifts waiting at home.  We will be returning for the Love Bug's birthday in a few months as tea time is one of her very favorite things.  All in all becoming another year older was such a sweet treat for my princess this year!!

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