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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cautiously optomistic....

That is how I want to say I feel but, I fear saying it out loud that the flu germs make a repeat appearance and take me down again.  This past week has been for lack of a better term from  HELL.  I woke myself up many times sing songing  grammar school style songs made up only in ones feverish mind.  I have decided coughing should be labeled aerobic activity and that I have done enough of it for at least a dozen people.  On days one and two I swear I felt as if I had went about twenty rounds with a prize fighter and he so won!!  I want to wake up and jump right back into my normal busy bee routine however I am operating at about 30% and by 3pm I know I have to stop or back slide.  This year we have found out that getting the shot doesn't guarantee you won't get the flu just that basically you will only get a mild form of it.  It sure has made me think long and hard about how much more awful this must be on those with compromised immune systems.  I believe my Busy Body brought it home to us and it filtered its way through the whole lot of us.  First our poor token male took down with it and I thought his cough was gonna break down the walls.  Then our little's each took sick with the mild form while I was confined to the sick room with the worst strain. I thought our Diva had escaped unscathed after making it through the week and the weekend youth retreat feeling totally fine.  Alas Monday morning she was achy and feverish too....thankfully we were able to get her right into the doc and get the antivirals to lessen it for her.  Now we all are past the contagious part and seem to just be dealing with some sniffles and lingering coughs.  I truly understand now why they say people can die from is AWFUL!!!!  Praise the Lord for my DS who while I was sick kept things going- he made sure we were kept medicated, fed, hydrated, the laundry was done, and the house was mostly picked up.  What a treasure he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am of course behind on everything around here but, I am just gonna do what I can and let the rest sort itself out.

Mood: Wore out
Music: Silence-all kiddos headed to bed
Dinner: Cheesy Vegetable Noodle Casserole
Exercise: Coughing lol
Weather: It was so warm and sunny today I broke out shorts
Random Thought: Maybe tonight will be the first night in a week that I will sleep all night-fingers crossed!

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