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Monday, April 1, 2013

O.k. here we go...Day 2

So on day two of our great spring break vacay we got up and of course took advantage of the hotel's free breakfast.  We loaded up all the kiddies to head off to church. I have a former MOPS mom friend whose family has relocated to Corpus so we joined them at church.  And, by the way who doesn't want to get up each Sunday and go to church just steps from the ocean??  Also, on this particular Sunday their family became members so it was nice to be there for that as well.  After service with a funny pastor (my favorite kind) and a rockin' worship band we headed to lunch at Taco Cabana.  Gotta love lunch on the patio :)  Then we decided some bowling was in we usually go bowling while on vacation only to get whooped by Dad.  This year our wii-athons paid off...I actually won, which never happens YAY! For dinner it was good ol' Denny's for some diner food.  Then we hit the pool and the hot tub for some relaxin'.  We try while at home to make Sundays a relaxed family day....this was a go with the flow kinda day!!

Ready to bowl a strike...

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