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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I have a new problem and I don't think there is any help for it....

I have found out recently that I am addicted to the DIY network. I bet there isn't a support group for it either!!!! I started catching a few before and after renovation shows with DH about a month ago. Now I have my favorite shows and tune in at least once a day. I finish watching a show picking apart the things they did that I would love to put into the home we are going to build one day in the very distant future. Things I have decided I want for sure are....Kitchen: an awesome tile backsplash, brushed stainless appliances so they won't pick up finger prints as bad, concrete (that is stained) for counter tops, copper sinks, Inlayed kitchen cabinet doors, dish rack over the sink, plenty of storage, and a pot filler for my stove. Master Bathroom: glass tile, floating sink cabinetry, bowl sinks, and a towel warmer. Master Bedroom: Hard wood floors, window seat, and walk-in closet
Living Room: Hard wood floors, fireplace, distressed mantle, built-in bookshelves, and picture window.
I think DH is really digging the monster he has created!!!!

It looks like rain but the chance for it is really slim so we will see. We got the house cleaned , had left overs for lunch, picked up the yard cause the wind is seriously blowing other people's trash into our yard, and all that is left is to get the kitchen cleaned up from lunch, KK is then gonna head out and babysit for awhile, and the younger girls and I are going to play a board game.

Counting my blessings:
Time in the quiet with my girls'
Yummy lunch
House clean so we can relax
Watching Diva help Busy Body put her shoes on
Leftover are cleaned out of fridge

Mood: Full
Music: None
Weather: Windy and Overcast
Dinner: Baked Chicken, Rice, and Corn


  1. Not such a bad problem :) It's not like you are running out and spending money you don't have on all that stuff. Dreaming is good! I have some stuff I want in my dream house too, hopefully we will both get what we want someday.
    Oh and I think your vacation sounds great, can't wait to see posts on it when you come back.

  2. Glass tile?! Crazy woman! :D I want a crimson red room ;)

  3. I want one red wall in my office actually....I have let go of my DIY obsession some, thinking it's time to pick it back up :)


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