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Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer

That is what today is: pray for the family as a structure, for society that they find their way to Christ and open their hearts and lives to him, pray for our armed forces and the tough battles they are fighting on foreign soil, pray for our government and the changes that are happening right now in our country, for our churches that they stay united and grow with the love of Christ to light their way, pray for those you know and love that are struggling and need what the power of prayer can do in their lives. Today at our courthouse from 11:30-12:30 there will be a gathering to support the National Day of Prayer. I know those that read here pray daily (many times a day) but today during that hour please pause to pray as well.

Counting my blessings:
A busy day...makes the day fly by
Prayer and the peace it brings
Knowing special people who are serving in the armed forces
Having a nice evening planned
Knowing I have such loving support all around me

Mood: Movin and a shakin today :)
Music: I have Wow Wow Wubbzy running through my head right now.
Weather: HOT and Humid
Dinner: Taking a Chipotle Raspberry appetizer to a Women's Ministry meeting tonight


  1. So glad your going tonight :)
    Sending pix your way of KK

  2. Yeah! (except for the Wow Wow Wubbzy) Lisa~

  3. How were both events: prayer at the courthouse and the card making? ;-)

  4. Wasn't able to go to the courthouse, the light was affecting my migraine and making it worse so I had prayer time here instead. The card making was too much fun. I got to meet some new people and sit with great friends(Laura, Diane, Toni, and Krista), it was FUN!!!!


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