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Sunday, June 28, 2009

How we spent our Friday night.....

Our city threw one of three Family Movie Nights in the park. We asked "the boy" if he wanted to join us. We piled into the car minus Dad and Busy Body cause it didn't start till 9pm. DH was tired, he had just gotten home and Busy Body was ready for bed. They showed Charlottes's Web the 2006 version with Julia Roberts voicing Charlotte. There was free popcorn, a place to lay our picnic blanket, and a free family friendly movie. In July they will be showing Curious George and in August, The Apple Dumpling Gang. The last one came out the year I was born and I can't remember if I have seen it all or not. I don't think we will make Curious George....I will be at my MOPS retreat that night. We are looking forward to the next one though. Check out our fun pics from the movies.....(those feet are "the boy's"....the thing he told our VBS roman family about himself was the size of his feet)

Mood: LONG day, tired
Music: None
Dinner: Roasted Vegetables, Pork Chops, and Garlic Toast

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