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Saturday, June 20, 2009

O.k. so a Saturday Post.....

We got to sleep in this morning till almost 9am....which was awesome after all the early mornings getting up to get ready for VBS. Then we had a big breakfast and got dressed....VBS sure is still on their minds cause they all decided their thing to do to start the day out right would be to help their sisters get dressed without being asked YAY! We all headed over to the church to help take down VBS. I was so glad we did because all the people that thought they would be able to help weren't able to after all. We weren't able to get everything done so DH and I are going back on Tuesday to help more. Then I will go back again on Thursday to help finish up. Got back home and had some ice cold ice cream as a treat. Got some lunch in, Busy Body took a good nap, got the house mostly in order....need to do some bigger projects later this week to get everything back to running normally around here, and now we have dinner in the oven, the girls' are playing a board game, DH is working on a small building project outside, and I am getting some relaxing quiet YAY!!!!

Mood: Tired but so glad VBS week went so well
Weather: Sunny and Bright
Music: None
Dinner: Baked Chicken, Spinach, and Carrots


  1. I"m so glad it went well! I'm sure you have to be tired, but how sweet to do a ministry together.

    in Him,

  2. I am exhausted but in a GREAT way!!!!


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