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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taking on two new things.....

one I wasn't expecting and one I voiced interest in if there was ever a need for a position to be filled. The first one is I am going to be teaching at VBS this summer (KK is too after three years as an assistant). This is the one I wasn't expecting to be apart of in that way. I am excited and anxious all at once over this one. The other is I am going to be on the Steering Team as well as continuing my DGL position for our MOPS group(this will be a co-position to help last year's DGL leader while she continues to rehab after her car accident). I am hoping to do a good job in this position!!!! I love this group! I think it is such a great thing for our community to have a place for mom's of little ones to meet, grow in their walk with Christ, and recharge together. Please pray for me that I will be a blessing to others while trying to help out and teach in some cases kids' that haven't yet come to know Christ.
Today has been a tad busy....ran errands, stopped by the store, signed Love Bug and Diva up for the summer reading program, and grabbed Sonic for lunch. Came home, picked up the house a bit, dropped the girls' at their summer program, and now I am having a cold drink. By the way....check out Sonic tonight for their free root beer float night. It is from 8-12pm and as soon as my girls' get back from youth group we are headed for a treat.

Mood: Hot
Weather: actually only 72 degrees but it is super HUMID
Music: None
Dinner: Broiled Salmon, Baked Potatoes, and Corn

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  1. There were three great comments here from Gratfeul, Dawn, and Lisa but for some reason Blogger ate them. Thanks for your thoughts I appreciate them!


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