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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Best Sunday EVER!!!!

Sometimes what a difference a day makes!!!! DH and I got to talking it over and even though everyone in our family has personal bible study time, bible stories read to the little ones, Sunday school songs taught and sang, and questions answered by referring to the word. We didn't have a specific family bible study in place. We started looking for a study that would work for varied age ranges. Today we found several resources online to use to create our own study for us and the older girls'. Also we are reading an extra book of Bible stories with the little girls' that involves crafts and art projects which they are really enjoying!! We really enjoyed it....what was a 30 minute study turned into an hour and a half. The girls' said they really loved it, they asked questions, and chatted about their thoughts on the verses. It was nice to all be studying the same material together too. We were almost on time to church this fault today, just wanted to hit snooze one more time. Sunday school was I love that we learn and laugh at the same time. Our Associate Pastor is such a neat guy, gives a great sermon, and makes sure we laugh too. Then we went to lunch had pizza and salad buffet for lunch....the salad was so good. Came home, cleaned, relaxed, and then had Bible study time. Had a yummy big comfort food dinner and now everyone is winding down for bedtime soon.

Mood: Siggggghhhhhh....totally relaxed
Music: None
Weather: Dusk and still 95 degrees
Dinner: Rotisserie Turkey YUMMY, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, and Butternut squash

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  1. I am so glad your Sunday was better than your Saturday. How cool that you enjoyed your Bible study. There's nothing better than talking about Scripture to put you in a better mood. Love you! Lisa~


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